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When we started looking for photographers for our wedding in Goa in 2016, like everyone else, we were bombarded with the number of options online. SidWeddingPhotos came as a recommendation from a close friend who had her wedding captured by Siddharth a couple of years back. I had personally approached few other candid photographers before I spoke with Siddharth, and I didn't have to look any further!

These guys - Siddharth, Anjneya, Aviral and Vishal - are dedicated, honest and they were working diligently for all the 48 hours during our celebrations. It was great to have really candid moments and expressions captured not only of us as bride and groom, but also of our guests, which we might have missed otherwise. Our pre wedding photography (from the morning of the wedding) came out beautifully and the team was very creative with their ideas. As a matter of fact, initially I wasn't even inclined for cinematography, but I am glad we went ahead with it!! The interviews with friends and family are precious and (way too) honest ;-) I feel that one of the main reasons for that is that Siddharth and his team are respectful of the people they work with and make them feel comfortable in front of the rolling camera. They merged seamlessly in the close knit celebrations we were having.

We love going back to the videos and photographs of all our pre wedding and wedding celebrations. Real expressions, vivid colors, and valuable moments! These guys are a no frills team who work really hard and it shows in their results

Siddharth will give you moments frozen in time that might well be your greatest treasures as your hair turn grey! I saw his work and then could not think of anyone else to cover my wedding. I know a lot of people will vouch for his talent being the only criteria for letting him capture the most special moments with no inhibitions. 4 years hence, he has only become bigger and better.
He covered my wedding and did a very short notice pre-wedding shoot as well! Those are the best pictures from the best phase in my life.
Amazing talent, highly recommended!

Sid and his team are the best people I have worked with. Every photograph turned out so amazing, well edited and beautiful. I have recommended him to every single person who asks for suggestions. Thank you Sid for making it perfect I still look at the pictures and feel the moment. Your picture live and speak so you have done a great work so far. All the very best

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